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When someone close to you dies, many lives are turned upside down. The grief is palpable. A Funeral Director is appointed to make all arrangements, and they often provide you with a list of celebrants. You may, however, choose your own celebrant. I have conducted many funerals and commemorations for friends, and their families. It is an honour and a privilege to deliver a farewell that respects, and is representative of your loved one.

I work closely with Picaluna Funerals, so please touch base so I can assist in planning the best farewell for your loved one.


A baby is one of Life’s greatest blessings! Many couples wish to share the joy of their little one, by introducing them to the world, and marking it with a celebration. Godparents or Guardians can been appointed, and they can make lifetime promises for the care of the child. The child’s name will be acknowledged, honoured, and introduced formally. Prayers/poems can be included, and gifts given. It is popular to hold the name giving celebration on the child’s first birthday, surrounded by family and close friends. The ceremony is usually followed by laughter, games, food, balloons, cake, lolly bags, and more sugar.



Some of the most memorable ceremonies I have conducted, have been when a couple renews their vows.  Imagine a couple who have been through a lot, had children, grandchildren, health related problems. They may have overcome some huge obstacles, been to hell and back, yet down the track, they look at each other and say, “If I had to do it all again, I would do it all over again, with you.”  Enough said. Sniff.

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