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Processes of Getting Married in Australia


1. Secure a booking - I take bookings up to 2 years in advance!

Celebrants can get very busy in the warmer months, therefore be sure to book me as soon as you have a date for your wedding. To check my availability, you can email me at , phone or SMS me on 0438 506123, or message me on Facebook.


I require a deposit of $200 to be paid in order to secure me as your celebrant.  The Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) will need to be completed by at least one of you (see Paperwork below) and received by me no less than one month prior to your wedding day
EG. If you are getting married on 14th February 2020, the deadline is no later than 14th January 2020.  Once lodged, the NIM is valid for 18 months.


2. Arrange 1st Meeting – to run through what’s involved

Meeting you is my favourite part! The most rewarding aspect of my work is meeting couples from all different walks of life, and getting to know them. During our first meeting, if you have not already completed the NIM, and we are within the required time frame, we can do this together.


3. Creating your Personalised Ceremony

We can now create your perfect ceremony! It may be small and stylish, casual and relaxed, or lavish with all the traditional trimmings. Every couple has their own idea about their ultimate wedding ceremony, and there is a lot to be considered ie. The feel of your ceremony, participants, venue, outdoor vs. indoor, music, vows, rings, special requirements etc. I will provide you with samples of vows.


You will also receive my simple-to-follow Wedding Ceremony Guideline, which is full of suggestions and tips. Once we have gathered your ideas and talked through my suggestions, I will put

it all together. Your ceremony should reflect your own personality and style. You don’t want to feel like a stranger at your own wedding!


4. Closer to the Day

Over the months leading up to your wedding day, there will be a considerable amount of communication between us, whether it is by email, SMS, video call, or phone. Closer to the day, a final meeting should be arranged to collect any outstanding documents, run through the finer details of the ceremony, and sign the final declarations.

5. Witnesses – one for each of you

The wedding ceremony must be witnessed by two people who are at least 18 years of age. Witnesses must be able to understand the language in which the ceremony is spoken by all parties. If English will not be spoken at any stage during the legal parts of the marriage, an Interpreter must be arranged. Witnesses will be required to witness the ceremony, especially the legal requirements, and sign the certificates.


6. Your Wedding Day

I will arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your ceremony.

This is what takes place before the ceremony begins:

- I will speak to participants ie. readers, music operator/musicians

- Finer points and special requirements will be discussed with your photographer and videographer

- If the groom or groomsmen need their boutonnières attached to their lapels, I can do this for you (without snapping off the flower!)

- I will meet your bride/groom/partner and their bridal party as they arrives to make sure they’re ready, and to coordinate the processional.

- By now, you will be ready to walk down the aisle with confidence, making the most of every step, to join the love of your life.



1. Get your documents together

Evidence of Date and Place of Birth.

You are required to provide proof of date and place of birth by either original birth certificate or passport.  If you cannot find your original birth certificate and were born in Australia, you can obtain your birth certificate by applying at NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages


Passports can be either current or expired, however cancelled passports will not be accepted.

All documents must be legible in the English language. If your documents are in a language other than English, they must be officially translated by NAATI



Establishing your identity

You must also provide one form of photo identification ie. drivers licence, passport, or proof of age/photo card.

Previous Marriage

If you are divorced you must provide a court issued Divorce Certificate. If you are widowed you must provide an original Death Certificate. Certificates must be legible in English.


2. Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM)

(Due at least one month prior to your marriage)

You must complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) and submit it to me at least one month prior to your Wedding Day; your completed NIM is valid for 18 months. Read the notes carefully on page 2 of the NIM and follow all instructions.  If you are confused, or need help in filling out the Notice, you can contact me for assistance. You may download the NIM at the following link 


3. Are you booking from interstate or overseas?  

If you are coming to beautiful Sydney, you have chosen a great place for your wedding. You need to contact me by email or phone +61438506123 to make a booking. You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM), complete it, and have your signature/s witnessed.  Read the notes carefully on page 2 of the NIM and follow all instructions including authorised witnesses for your signatures. Once completed and signed, you can send the NIM to me, together with copies of your supporting documents (see section 1. above)

Important: I require all original documents when you arrive in Sydney, therefore I suggest that you pack them in your suitcase ASAP!


4. Immigration  

If your fiancé/fiancée is intending to marry you in Australia, the Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed (see Step 2 above), and given to me together with a date for when you are planning your wedding.  I will type a letter to Immigration stating that you have booked me as your celebrant, and you have completed the Notice of Intended Marriage.


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